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Hi, I’m Maria Gagliano. I’m sort of American. I’m sort of Sicilian. My parents immigrated from Sicily to Brooklyn in the ’60s. They raised my brothers and me somewhere in between. Growing up, we spoke a little Sicilian, a little English, and a lot of something similar to both.

My parents and grandparents are amazing cooks, crafters, builders, and storytellers. They’ve spent their lives passing those qualities down to us—everything they learned in Italy, and everything they worked for here. I’ve picked up some things, but, um, I can use work.

I started Pomato Revival because I’m worried. It hit me recently that my generation—immigrants’ kids—has a big responsibility. We’re the only bridge left to our families’ culture. If we don’t make an effort to pass down the stories, skills, recipes, and traditions, that’s it. They’ll be gone when we are. I don’t mean to sound grim. It’s more exciting than it is worrisome as long as we remember to look back as we look ahead. That’s what Pomato Revival is for. It’s a place to share everything that’s been passed down so we can keep it going.


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